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Year 9 Next Steps

This is an important and exciting time for Year 9 pupils as they begin to consider the next steps in their educational journey – their Key Stage 4 courses.
Pupils have had a series of virtual Loom assemblies informing them of the different GCSE and Btec subjects available to them and our Next Steps booklet that outlines in detail the Next Steps process, as well as providing further information about each subject.

Monday 21st February marks the beginning of our ‘Next Steps Week’, during which students and parents will have an opportunity to talk to teachers about the subjects they will be studying next year and to ask any questions they have about what to expect in Year 10.

Please refer to the Next Steps Booklet for any further information.

Next Steps Booklet 2022-2024


Tuesday 22 February

Next Steps assembly and tutorial session for all Year 9 students.

Students and parents receive Pathways.

Tuesday - Thursday Next Steps discussions (for those who would like them) with members of Senior Leadership Team and Careers Advisors. Details to follow
Tuesday 22 February Drop-in Q&A session for students with pastoral team - lunchtime.
Wednesday 23 February Subject Parents Evening and Next Steps Preference Subjects discussions - School Cloud. Details regarding the arrangements for our subject parents evening will be sent separately.
Thursday 24 February

Preference Subjects ‘Ask the students’ Event - lunchtime.


Friday 25 February Submission of Next Steps forms begins.