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Ms Johnson - Head of Lower School

Dear Year Six,

I am so pleased you will be joining us in September. We have been thinking about you a lot during these recent weeks, and we cannot wait to welcome you to Graveney.

My name is Ms Johnson and I am Head of Lower School. This means I am responsible for looking after all the students in Year 7-9.
I don’t do this on my own of course! We have a big team of Tutors, Heads of Years and Deputies who all work together, along side other key staff, and will be introducing you to some of the key people over the next few weeks.

We know starting Secondary School can be a scary time, and that it might be more daunting for you this year. I can reassure you that our students ALWAYS tell us that it was much easier than they expected! We know the things you will be worrying about the most and will use this section of our website to address these common concerns to make sure you all feel ready to join us.

Sending you and your families my very best wishes,
Ms Johnson

Ms Jenkins - KS3 Progress and Transition Manager

We are so delighted to welcome you to Graveney School! I’m Ms Jenkins, the KS3 Progress and Transition Manager.

A big part of my role is making sure that Year 6 have a smooth transition to their time at Graveney School and that you feel happy and supported in Year 7.

Over the next term there will be plenty of opportunities for you to find out more about life at Graveney. You will each attend an induction day, where you will be able to meet lots of other pupils who will be joining Year 7 next year and you will take part in a big range of activities. You will also come to school for an interview, which will give you an opportunity to have a conversation with a member of staff and ask any specific questions. There will also be lots of information posted to this website. We will post messages from current pupils and staff as well as some competitions, so do check back from time to time!
I am very much looking forward to meeting you all very soon!
Best wishes,
Ms Jenkins

Friendly Faces

Ms Ditch - Admissions

Hello Year 6!

My name is Ms Ditch. You will get to know me as I am based in the Attendance Office in Lower School. You will come here if you need to sign out for any reason, or if you are signing into school late from an appointment.
My main job is to deal with all the admissions to the school for years 7-11 so I am a bit of an expert on all the students who attend Graveney! I also work with the Key Stage 3 team in getting everything ready for our new pupils (you!) to join us, making sure we have all the right bits of information about you and that all your teachers know who you are.


Ms Forde - Attendance

My name is Ms Forde and I share my office with Ms Ditch.

I deal with all the daily attendance to school, checking the registers each day and keeping an eye on who is in and who isn’t. I make sure all our registers are up to date and that we know the reasons why any of our students might be absent. If you need to sign into school or need to leave early for any reason you will talk to me, so it is very likely I will meet you at some point!


Ms Dodd - First Aid and Medical

My name is Ms Dodd.
I am the Principal First Aider which means I look after you at school if you are feeling poorly.
At Graveney we have a separate building called Medical House where students are sent by the teacher if they are feeling too poorly to stay in lessons. Sometimes, students just feel a bit anxious and need to come and sit in the medical room until they feel better and that is OK. We can promise a friendly face and a listening ear!
I do hope you don’t need to come to see me because you feel unwell in school but thought it might help to know I’m there if you need me! I look forward to meeting you sometime.


Ms Muir - Librarian

Hello I'm Ms Muir, the School Librarian.
We are very lucky at Graveney to have such an amazing library, filled with lovely books - 23,000 of them!
Don't worry if this seems larger that your primary school library, as shortly after you start in September you will have a library induction, when we tell you everything you need to know. You will quickly become an expert in how the library works but we are always happy to answer your questions and help you find the books you are looking for.
I love talking about all things ‘booky’ so I am always happy to offer recommendations, hear your suggestions and find out a bit more about the books you like to read.
I also work very closely with the English department, organising reading lessons, visits to the library, collaborating on reading lists and discussing new ideas. I will be back in touch later this term with some suggestions of books you might like to get your teeth into over the summer break.

I am really looking forward to meeting you in September and giving you more information!



Please send your 'About me' statements and parent statements to induction@graveney.wandsworth.sch.uk 

A warm welcome from current Year 7s - Life at Graveney School


We know that many of you will be keen to find out more about our policies and information about starting school at Graveney.
Please see last year’s documents below. We will upload this year’s documents in due course.

New Parents' Welcome Pack

The New Faces 2020 booklet is packed full of useful information - an invaluable guide for Year 7 students and parents!

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