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Reporting Absence

Reporting An Absence

  • If your child is in Years 7-11, telephone the 24 hour direct line 020 8682 7072 and leave a message.
  • For Sixth Form, telephone 0208 682 7063. Give your child’s name, form and reason for absence and who is leaving the message.
  • If your child is marked absent at morning registration and the school has not received a call from you, an automated system will contact you. The system will call your home number first and if there is no reply, your work number will be used, if you have one. If we still fail to make contact, the system will move on to the other contact numbers you have given us. It is therefore extremely important that we have up to date contact information on our database, so please remember to let us know of any changes. If you would prefer us to use a mobile phone number please let us know.

 If your child is late into school, Years 7-11

  • Whenever a child is late he/she must report to the Attendance Office in Lower School to collect a late slip to take to their registration group or their lesson as appropriate. If this is not done the office has no way of knowing that your child is on site. This will cause you unnecessary anxiety whilst we try to establish the location of your child.
  • If your child has a music lesson during a registration period, they must ensure that their form tutor is aware of their absence in advance.

If your child is late into school, Sixth Form

  • All students must arrive promptly at 8:30am for daily registration. If your child is marked absent at registration and the school has not received a call from you, the automated call system will contact you as explained above.
  • A student who arrives late after registration has closed must report to the Sixth Form Attendance Office in the Sixth Form Study Centre to collect a late slip, and their presence in school will be recorded.