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Graveney School

National Tutoring Programme

Report on Graveney’s participation in the National Tutoring Service 2021

21 pupils were selected to be part of the catch-up funding tutoring service. Pupils were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Low progress scores
  • Low attainment scores
  • Low engagement during lockdown

Pupils were ranked based on this criteria and those pupils who were ‘bottom’ of the year group were provided the tutoring service.

An external tutoring service, Protocol Education, was engaged by the school and tutors met with the pupils 4 times a week (2 literacy 2 numeracy) for 4/5 weeks. The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) requires students involved to have 15 hours of tuition in total.

In order to measure if this had an impact on the pupils the following surveys and focus groups took place:

  • Focus group with some pupils before the tutoring took place.
  • Questionnaire filled in before tutoring took place.
  • Survey sent to Core subject teachers for topics to be covered by the tutors
  • Focus group after the tutoring with pupils for feedback
  • Questionnaire after the tutoring to analyse impact
  • Questionnaire to core subject teachers after the tutoring to measure impact.

Overall, there was positive feedback from both staff and pupils and there is room for this to grow moving forwards.  Teachers report that extra literacy is always useful to reinforce skills developed in lessons.  Pupils also engaged well with the numeracy sessions.

The programme was 75% funded by NTP and 25% by the school, at a total cost of £6,250.