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Graveney School

GCSE & A Level Results over time

GCSE results/outcomes 2017 - 2021

Graveney achieves excellent GCSE results year on year and this consistency contributes to our ‘outstanding’ Ofsted status. Our overall attainment score has always placed us in the top 10% of schools in the country and we also achieve outstanding progress. In 2019, the last set of results marked by exam boards and forming part of school accountability measures, our students achieved a Progress 8 score of +0.51 – this means that they achieved on average half a grade better than similar students in every subject they took. Both our Attainment 8 score and percentage of 7-9 grades were also the highest in the borough; however perhaps we were most proud of our results for the Pupil Premium students which put us as one of the top 10 schools nationally in 2019.

Since 2019 we have been proud of the way our students have dealt with the disruption to school life and their results have been equally good.

GCSE Results Formal accountability measures for public exams Outcomes (CAGs & TAGs) in the absence of public exams
2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Progress 8 +0.35 +0.49 +0.51 Not available Not available
Attainment 8 58.47 62.49 61.82 63.8 64.3
EBAC APS B 5.81 5.8 6.04 6.03
%En/Ma 5+ 70% 79% 72% 78.5% 81.2%
%En/Ma 4+ 88% 91% 90% 91.5% 92.5%
Percentage A*/A & 7-9 grades 40% 48% 45% 52% 52%

What marks these results out as particularly impressive is that the successes have been shared right throughout the cohort. Whatever your gender, ethnicity, ability or background – if you work hard at Graveney, then you will be successful!

The majority of our Year 11 students continue on with us into the sixth form. In 2021, 83% stayed on at school, with 17% going on to FE college courses or Apprenticeships. 

 A2 Results

A2 Results Formal accountability measures (public exams) Outcomes (CAGs & TAGs) in the absence of public exams
2018 2019 2020 2021
A*-A Pass rate 31.90% 29.30% 36.90% 37.60%
A*-B Pass rate 61.70% 56.80% 63.10% 64.90%
A*-C Pass rate 82.50% 83.70% 85.70% 83.10%
Overall Pass Rate 98.70% 99.00% 99.70% 98.80%
APS 2018 2019 2020 2021
Year 13 37.38 36.93 38.97 38.56

These are excellent outcomes, enabling the majority of our students to progress to higher education every year. Progression statistics have remained stable over the years. Our most recent results (2021) show 84% of our students progressing to university, including an impressive 41% to  Russell Group universities (46% in 2020). Nine students have taken up Oxbridge places (10, 8, 10 in the last three years) and a further five are commencing Medicine or Veterinary Medicine (9, 5, 9). 6% of our students took up places on to a range of prestigious further education courses and/or apprenticeships including at high profile organisations such as JP Morgan.  8% took a gap year. 

Our retention rate for students starting in Year 12 and going on to complete Year 13 for the 2019 cohort was 95.4%. 

A very small number of students did GCSE retakes in Maths and English in the 2019 Year 12 cohort (9 and 13 respectively). 66% achieved passes at 4 or above in Maths with a progress score of +0.27 and 77% achieved the same in English with a progress score of +1.35. 


DfE Performance Tables for Graveney School

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