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Graveney School

Year 12 Research Project at UCL

Year 12 students involved in the Ionic Liquids Research Project visited the UCL Chemistry Department this week. We were looked after for the day by Dr Robert Palgrave, who was impressed by the number and variety of ionic liquids that our students have been able to produce throughout the year.

After a talk by the well known Professor of Inorganic Chemistry Andrea Sella, he worked with the students to purify some of their ionic liquids using a Schlenk line, drying off the samples and removing excess solvent under high vacuum. We then prepared samples for NMR and Mass spec and were given a tour of these areas and saw the automated NMR machines. Dr Palgrave then got the pupils to take IR spectra of their samples.

We congratulate all the students; they demonstrated great knowledge and did Graveney proud. Well done Nicole, Firoza, Michael, Chelsea, Joshua and Harini.