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Graveney School

Swop-It-Up Clothes Swap

This 4 July, students from years 7–9 brought their unwanted clothes to a HUGE clothes swap

The average person in the UK throws away 3.1 kg of clothes a year, and an estimated 92,000,000,000 kg of clothes are sent to landfill worldwide every year.

Rather than throwing away an item that is longer worn, it could be given to someone who will wear it. Then Swop-It-Up for some new items that you might love.


How students got involved

Students in years 7-9 brought in items of clothing (in good condition) they no longer wear - it's a great way to reuse clothing that is outgrown or rarely worn.  Sixth form students from the school's LEAF environmental group took in and sorted the clothes for the event and handed out tokens. If students didn't have items to swap, they could get involved, by bringing in a pound on the day. Then at the amazing Swop-It-Up event students exchanged tokens for clothes. That's a LOT of clothes saved from landfill: Use - Reuse - Recycle.

The swap was very successful and another event is planned for September. Many thanks to Ms Sharpe, Ms Griffiths and the LEAF team for all their help with organisation.