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Mock Elections - Graveney goes to the polls

While the nation went to the polls on 4th July, our students had a chance to experience the electoral process, as they got involved with hustings debates and voted in the Graveney Mock Election.


Sixth form students Akira, Youssef, Ash, Charlie and Joe each represented one of the main political parties (Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Reform UK, Greens) in debates that drew an enthusiastic audience. 

The policy issues discussed in the first debate were education & young people, crime and health and in the second debate, the environment, international issues and the cost of living crisis.

Graveney Mock Election Results LABOUR WINS!

  • Labour 43.5%
  • Green 24.4%
  • Reform 11.3%
  • Lib Dems 8%
  • Conservative 5.8%
  • None 4.6%
  • Spoilt 2.4%