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Graveney School

Latin trip and Young Aesopi Competition Success!

The first ever Latin trip was a great success. Students went on a walking tour of Roman London; visiting sections of the Roman city wall, the remains of the Roman amphitheatre under the Guildhall Art Gallery and the neoclassical buildings and statues in the City (primarily the Royal Exchange, Bank of England, Mansion House and the statue of Trajan by Tower Hill station).

Then it was on to the British Museum, to see the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon/Elgin Marbles, and exhibits on Greek and Roman life both across the Roman Empire and in Britain.

The students having been taking part in the  LEP Young Aesopi competition to compose an original story in Latin in the style of Aesop’s famous fables.

We are delighted to announce that Year 8 students Riccardo was awarded 2nd place and Lani was also Highly Commended!

There were over 180 entries from 21 schools. The panel of judges was joined by Dame Professor Mary Beard who was incredibly impressed and entertained by many of the fables.

The competition is run by the Centre for Latin Excellence who work with state schools across England to increase Latin uptake. All the participants get special Roman style coins and the winners get copy of a book containing all the winning entries, which is also distributed to the participating schools. Congratulations to the students and Mr Kinsella for all your hard work.