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Graveney School

Graveney is joint winner of first Philosothon prize

As part of the Philosophy for Colleges rotation of the Y12 Study Skills carousel, Ms Wrigley and Ms Neblett from the Philosophy & Theology department ran a mini Philosothon competition where students embarked upon a philosophical enquiry into a question of their choice; they discussed questions such as ‘Do the wealthy have a moral obligation to assist the poor?’ and ‘Should animals have the same rights as humans?’. All three groups were outstanding and engaged with their enquiries in a mature, focused and creative manner.
The resources and transcripts for the competition were submitted to the Philosothon UK national competition and Graveney School is delighted to announce that we were awarded the Runners Up prize.

Congratulations to all involved!

What is a Philosothon?

A Philosothon is a friendly “competition” between small teams in which students participate in a series of “Communities of Inquiry” and are judged by the quality of their participation. Students are asked to have a conversation (using the community of inquiry method), in mixed age group teams about a clearly defined philosophical or ethical issue. They are judged by professional philosophers from local universities on the level of their engagement with the topic and with each other. 
More about the competition https://philosothon.co.uk/