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Exploring Biomimicry in Architecture

Designer, author and founder of Exploration Architecture Michael Pawlyn, spoke to students from all year groups this week.

In the audience were our newly-launched Eco group who are working on a new project to make Graveney greener; students who are interested in architectural design and others studying A Level Biology, Technology and Geography.

This was a fascinating and very popular talk with many interested sixth formers attending in their free periods.

Regenerative Design - natural structures

Mr Pawlyn began his presentation with the idea that humans are a just a tiny part of Earth's story.  Nature, he explained, has had 3.8 billion years of research and development, and that we need to work with and emulate nature if we are to survive on Earth. He introduced students to the concepts of 'regenerative' design and biomimicry and showed how beetle wings, shells and bones have provided inspiration for his projects. 

Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature

These ideas influence more than the appearance of buildings. His projects demonstrate the potential of biomimicry to use resources more efficiently using 3D printing, energy harvesting and even growing a building through electro-deposition of minerals in seawater using ‘BioRock’ !

 Michael Pawlyn Plants integrated into building

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