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Celebrating Black History Month 2021 @ Graveney

Due to technical issues with our website last week we were unable to share with you our programme for Black History Month 2021.
As you will see from the attached it’s a really exciting celebration of the month which we hope will encourage lots of interesting cross curricular conversations.

We have also been in touch with our alumni and have collated a series of posters based on this year’s theme “Proud to be…” We have been so pleased by the response and have a lovely set of portraits and inspiring messages.  These posters are being shown on the plasma screens and are also being used for form time discussion activities.

There is a thought provoking exhibition of student art work in the glass foyer, at the front of school which students have been able to view and we are looking forward to the additional pieces which are being created over the next few weeks.

Our Sixth Form Student Equalities group requested that we purchase some diverse reading for the library and this was done over the summer so we are holding “book launch” events in the library for each Key Stage where students will be able to browse the books and chat to the students who selected them about their choices; the first of these events is on Thursday for Key Stage 3.

Finally, we have had a “student takeover” of our Community Classrooms for the month where the themes for each week, and resources, have been chosen by students themselves.

We would like to emphasise however, that we are looking forward to this celebration within the wider context of the work we did last year, on the Change Council,  looking at how we ensure our curriculum is more diverse and reflective of our school community more generally, not just for this month.