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For all information related to exams at Graveney please refer to the areas in this part of our website. Should you not find what you are looking for please email us:

Access Arrangements

Access Arrangements: what they are and how to use them.

Private Exam Candidates

Private Exam Candidates: Information

GCSE and A level results 

Students will need to come in to school to collect their results (COVID permitting). Any results not collected on the day will be posted, first class, to the student’s home address.

If you are unable to collect your certificates yourself you can authorise another person to do it for you by completing this form.

Certificate collection by proxy form

 Post-results Services

AS and A Level post-results information

 Replacing Certificates

National regulations state that schools only have to store students’ exam certificates for one year; after that they have to be shredded and students have to apply to the exam boards directly to replace them.

Information about getting replacements can be found in the document below: