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The Graveney Duke of Edinburgh's Award has been running for over 15 years and has seen many students progress successfully from their Bronze all the way up to Gold level.

The Award was set up by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1956.

A recent survey of the top 100 employers in the UK rated DofE as the most important non academic accreditation for young people. UCAS state that they look at it as the most looked for item on a personal statement.

Graveney offers the Bronze Award in Year 9,  the Silver Award in Year 10 and the Gold Award in Year 12 and 13. Currently there are over 800 Graveney students following the various levels of the award.
At the start of each year information will be circulated via Parent Mail, assemblies etc. We currently offer expeditions at all levels of the award.

If you would like to find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh's Award visit their website: www.dofe.org

If you require further information please contact DofE Manager dofe@graveney.wandsworth.sch.uk

Getting Started with DofE: Packs for all levels

Bronze Yr 9 Enrolment Pack 2020-21

Bronze Award Log BookThe DofE Log Book is to keep track of your progress with your sections. Once you have logged into eDofE and completed your address information in full, the log book will be posted to you. If you have not yet received your log book in the post, print off and use this version.

Bronze Assessor's Report Cards

Guidance and report card to be filled in by the assessor for your section. Must be completed at the start and the end of each activity


Silver Yr 10 Enrolment Pack 2020-21

Gold Enrolment Pack 2020-21

Gold Guide to choosing a Residential

First Aid Quiz - Powerpoint 




Bronze Year 9 21 - 25 June 2021 Expedition to Ashdown Forest
Bronze Year 10 5 - 9 July 2021 Expedition for Bronze (also counts as the Practice Expedition for Silver Award) Ashdown Forest
Silver Year 10 19 - 21 July 2021 Expedition to South Downs
Gold 17 - 24 July 2021 Combined Practice & Qualifying Expedition. Brecon Beacons.

Get the D of E app


Link: Get the DofE app now! 
The app (lets you start, manage and finish your programme by bringing eDofE to your mobile. 
You can download the app for free from the App Store on iPhones and Google Play on Android phones using the link above.

  • Use the app to:
  • plan your programme and get approval from your Leader
  • record evidence
  • message your Leader
  • submit your programme for completion
  • sync important dates to your phone calendar
  • and add your personalised DofE Card to your digital wallet, so you can easily use your exclusive discounts
  • App store https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/dofe/id1476364195

Covid 19: DofE With a Difference

We recognise that this is a worrying time for everyone, and you may be concerned about how you will continue your DofE and achieve your Award, among many other things.
The DofE With a Difference website has all the up to date information for everyone involved in the award. The Activity List section is really useful to help give ideas of what to do, including online Volunteering opportunities. Be sure to look at the FAQs page, which covers the changes that are in place. 

During lockdown finding volunteering opportunities for DofE participants can be challenging but they are available!

For example...

Get involved in teen-led Eco-Action with SwopItUp.
Explaining the concept - PDF

Introducing the 2020 DofE Certificate of Achievement 

The Certificate of Achievement is an official recognition, by the DofE, of just how much you’ve achieved by completing your Skills, Volunteering and Physical sections. 

It has been introduced to respond to this unprecedented situation, because we know some young people may not be able to do their expedition and/or residential and achieve their Award right now.

We think it’s important you receive something formal to celebrate and recognise the vital skills and qualities you’ve developed and the effort you’ve put in.

Full details on DofE website

Completing your sections

If you could not carry one with your original activity because of Covid19 restrictions, you should change activity on eDofE (advice on how to do this below) and do two activities to complete the required number of months for a section eg. Physical section, 2 months badminton club + 1 month online fitness.


  • Students must keep an activity log as evidence of the additional activity.
  • Two activities for a section means you will need two assessor's reports.
  • Family members still cannot be assessors. Students who change activity and need to find a new assessor should contact their form tutors about being an assessor.


  • If you were able to continue with your activity at home during lock down, please ask your assessor to add a sentence into their report that this activity continued during lock down.
  • Assessor's Reports.
    During lockdown the best way to submit an Assessor's Report is online, as it links directly to each participant's eDofE account. The assessor will need to know the following:
    - the student's eDofE ID number
    - the Award level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and
    - the section (Volunteering, Physical, Skill, Expedition or Residential).
    The link is https://www.dofe.org/assessor

Flowchart to help answer questions about continuing your sections 

How to change an activity on eDofE

How to change an activity on eDofE instructions - printable version




 eDofE How To videos