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Community Classroom

During the lockdown Graveney has been using online classrooms with all key stages. We used virtual form time to engage with our students and respond to recent events.

Key Stage 3


Graveney Community 1 Protesting and Self Care

Graveney Community 2 Who deserves a statue?

Graveney Community 3:  What is 'White Privilege'?

Graveney Community 4: Celebrating the Windrush Generation

Graveney Community 5: Protest Music

Windrush Day

Celebrating Windrush Day

What is the Windrush Generation? video 3 Students should log into Google Classroom and go to Graveney Community KS3 for more resources.

BBC What is 'White Privilege'?  video 1

BBC The white privilege TikTok challenge. video 2

Black History Month Assembly

Key Stage 4


KS4 & 5 What is racism and how do we challenge it?

KS4 & 5 Can social media be doing more harm than good?

KS4 & 5 Graveney Community 3 'White Privilege' and Social Media

KS4 & 5 Graveney Community 4 Windrush Generation

KS4 & 5 Graveney Community 5 Protest Music

BBC World Service. British music's Caribbean roots - video 3

BlackHistory.org. Remembering nurses of the Windrush Generation video 4

YouTube - Don Lets & Sideman on Bob Marley, BLM and protest music. video 5

YouTube - Inequality and privilege race - video 1

BBC The white privilege TikTok challenge - video 2

Key Stage 5


Windrush Day 22nd June

Windrush Day celebrates the arrival of around 600 passengers from the Caribbean on the ship Empire Windrush. The pioneering migrants were invited to help rebuild Britain, after the second World War had left the economy weakened and short of workers. The front page of the Evening Standard had the headline 'Welcome Home'.
The 'Windrush generation' played a vital role in manufacturing, transport and the NHS.

What is the Windrush generation?

A wealth of resources about Windrush from the British Library

In pictures https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-43782851