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Change Council

Recent events both globally and locally have given all organisations cause to look carefully at their equality practices. At Graveney we seize this opportunity with genuine enthusiasm. We are extremely proud of the inclusive nature of our school community and the reputation that we have for our harmonious school environment. We are equally proud of the fact that year after year our outcomes provide evidence that exceptional progress is made by ALL of our pupils, whatever their ethnicity, gender, socio-economic background or prior attainment. However, we also recognise that an openness to review approaches and change where necessary is a vital part of the work of any mature and reflective organisation. We are absolutely committed to looking really carefully at all our practices to ensure that everyone in our community not only is equally respected and valued but that they feel so too.  

Our Change Council is the vehicle we will be using to undertake this review process and further details of how it will work can be found here.

Change Council: Guiding Principles and Scope