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celebrating Black History Month @ Graveney

We are very excited to launch this year’s programme for Black History Month. As you will see there is a varied programme which we hope will encourage lots of interesting cross curricular conversations.

This year we began by surveying students about what they would like to see covered and we have incorporated as many of these ideas as possible. This includes some shared recommended reading as well as music for a Graveney Playlist which will include notes on significant artists.
There will also be an exhibition of student work in the glass foyer, at the front of school which reflects on this year’s theme of “Action Not Words”; we will continue to add to this space over the course of the month.
Once again we are planning a “student takeover” of our Community Classrooms for the month where the themes for each week, and resources, have been chosen by students themselves.
The Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 5 book groups are also focusing on specially selected reading for the month plus there will be a book “scavenger hunt” for all Key Stage 3 pupils.
This year our fantastic catering team are also joining in by producing special menus which reflect the diversity of the team and again incorporate dish suggestions from students too.
We are looking forward to this celebration within the wider context of the work we have been doing to ensure our curriculum is more diverse and reflective of our school community. These changes are becoming more embedded in our provision so that a range of contributions are recognised across the year and not just for this month.

bhm programme 2022.pdf