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Graveney School

Aims and Ethos

The aim of the school is to develop the talents and confidence of all its pupils to the full, to equip them with knowledge, skills and understanding and to help them towards maturity.

We are committed to excellence and high standards in all areas and we value achievement of all kinds.

We provide the structure, the encouragement and strategies which inspire and enable students to strive for high achievement in every aspect of their work and development. These strategies include additional studies after school and during the holidays which Graveney students attend in order to ensure that all have the opportunity to achieve. By seeking to raise levels of expectation regarding future goals, we aim to ensure equality of opportunity The school actively opposes all forms of discrimination.

Outstanding care, guidance and support are real strengths of the school. These key strengths reflect our inclusive ethos and provide the climate for everyone to fulfil their potential.

Students take a great pride in their learning. They present their work to a very high standard. Students have an absolute determination to improve and be successful.

Ofsted report 2015